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Official Launch - ---PROMO ---
Published on 20-09-2018


Official Launch of
Published on 19-09-2018

Improvements until official launch:

1) Fixed Rented referrals earning per click issue to Pioneer membership. After fixing the issue the minimum AVG per day is 8 making now rented referrals very profitable'
2) Added OfferWall Earning Section to know how much did you earn from our offer wall;
3) GrandVerts have 2 official social media pages where can follow us on Twitter and FaceBook. In the near future, we like to add a Telegram group for our members where we can communicate more faster with you'
4)GrandVerts have added Special Offers where you can buy more benefits at a lower price'
5)GrandVerts hired Sabina Birker as moderator;
6) GrandVerts added AdPack for our members where they can earn 120% after 200 days without any financial risks;
7) GrandVerts have raised the membership variability period from 30 days to 45 days;
8) GrandVerts have added 2 more advertising options " Login Ads and Login Ads Surfer;
9) GrandVerts compacted all the information that member needs in 6 sections: User Details, Advertising(Purchase) Balance, Credit Details, User Referrals, OfferWall Earnings, and User membership.

And all of this accomplishments in only 9 Days and many more improvements and features will be added in the future.

And because it's time to celebrate our official launching Grandverts prepared a special promotion to our members:

Add Funds Promotion

$5 ~ $50 = 5% bonus in your Purchase Balance.
$51 ~ $100 = 10% bonus in your Purchase Balance.
$101 ~ $200 = 20% bonus in your Purchase Balance.
$201~ $500 = 25% bonus in your Purchase Balance.
$501 ~ $2000 = $35 bonus in your Purchase Balance.

Valid 48hours!

Buy Direct referrals

And our new surprise to our official launch is that GrandVerts open for sell Direct referrals for only $0.50 per Direct referral for a lifetime.

This special offer of only $0.50 per Direct referral will be available only for 24h.

Ad Pack's Special Offer!
Published on 17-09-2018

ad packs

Published on 17-09-2018

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Special Offers Pack
Published on 16-09-2018